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2017-05-04 08:26 pm

Spelling Bee [HikaGo; Fanfiction; Gen]

Title: Spelling Bee
Fandom: Hikaru no Go!
Characters / Pairing: Hikaru, Akira, Kuwabara (gen, interpretable veryveryvery weak HikaAki pre-slash)
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1.3K
Summary: Somehow, the entire magical community of Tokyo being commercial sell-outs leads to Akira playing go. No, he doesn't understand the connection, either. Generic magical AU. For [personal profile] tuulentupa's unofficial blind go round, May 2017.


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2017-04-26 11:09 pm



次は: 博士(PhD)のプログラムを始める。 …そして、もう一つの修士号。 orz

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2016-09-29 01:27 pm


So, I've purchased Utada Hikaru's Fantôme and it is approximately my favourite thing ever.

Maybe it's just hype, but my love of the songs which had already been released (Sakura Nagashi, Hanataba wo Kimini, Manatsu no Tooriame) hasn't yet faded. I think Utada Hikaru has really improved as a song artist over the years of hiatus.
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2016-08-27 02:31 pm

Fraserisms [due South; fanfiction]

Title: Fraserisms
Prompter: [personal profile] roguemariel | Prompt
Series: due South
Character/Pairing: Ray K / Fraser
Rating: K
Word Count: 2, 343
Synopsis: A new country, a new language.

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2016-06-21 10:51 pm




「Temeraire」は 「龍天翔」

「Lien」は 「龍天蓮」

「Laurence」 「劳伦斯」


「シエン」の字は多いので、選ぶことが難しかった。「相」や「襄」が本当の中国語の名前なので、「相」がいいと思った。後で、日本語の『テメレア戦記』のwikiを読んだと、「中国名はロン・ティエン・シエン(Lung Tien Xiang、龍天翔)」と書いてある。
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2016-04-30 11:53 pm
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Space Girl [Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger]

I can't find the complete lyrics to this song anywhere. I'm even unsure as to the title--I see it as "Space Girl" as often as "A Space Girl's Story." This is my transcription, but there's one part I can't figure out. Let me know if you know it! Thank you [personal profile] roguemariel, for the line "dreadfully annoyed," and for noticing some other places for correction.

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2016-04-30 05:21 pm

Asked Me on a Voyage to Go

Title: Asked Me on a Voyage to Go
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Challenge: Blind Go Round 018
Pseudonym: Ajisai
Word count: 1,918
Summary: Generic SF AU. Akira is probably lonely.

(A/N: Title and lyrics from Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl's Space Girl's Song)

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2016-04-14 09:36 pm






嬉しい! その新曲って「花束を君に」と「真夏の通り雨」という歌だ。ちょう綺麗なので、お聞いてください!


Just, I am extremely excited about Utada Hikaru's new songs, Hanataba wo Kimi ni and Manatsu no Tooriame.
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2016-04-02 05:06 pm

021-2: Aim for Summer [MCU; Fanfiction; Steve/Bucky]

Title: Aim for Summer
Rating: T+
Word Count: 1,398
Synopsis: Bucky needs a friend to be a Not Friend. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he turns to Steve.

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2016-03-17 11:08 am

(no subject)

I always feel weird when other people have the same username as me. Even though it's not exactly awe-inspiring, so I should really be surprised that there are as few people as there are with identical names.

But, weird. Against all reason, I feel weird.
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2016-01-14 12:28 pm

though I could never tell why [HPDM; fanfiction]

Title: though I could never tell why
Prompter: [personal profile] roguemariel
Rating: T+
Word Count: 6,639
Synopsis: Harry usually liked his job.

Sir, you are sad! )

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A/N: I don't even know. Warnings for weird/tropey soul-bonds, butchered HMS Pinafore quotes, and severe Misuse of Latin.
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2015-10-02 05:44 pm

The Golden Years Return [élDLIVE / エルドライブ] [ranty/introspection fic] [spoilers]

I don't really know what this is. I just really want there to be élDLIVE fanfics out there, okay?

Fandom: élDLIVE / エルドライブ
Characters: Rain Brick, Dr. Love
Word Count: 1.8K

It's mostly just every scene from the manga that contains both Rain and Dr. Love with a heavy dose of fanfic thrown in. Introspection, freeform. You know, PWP, but sans the porn. This is canon up to Season 5 Chapter 3, but it only follows Rain and Dr. Love, so... all the major plot points are avoided, except for the circumstance of Dr. Love himself. Title is from (P. B.) Shelley's Hellas.

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2015-09-05 08:19 am

so he's got a few flaws [Teen Wolf] [coffee shop AU]

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Sterek, Derek, Laura, Erica, Stiles, Boyd
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,695
Synopsis: In short, everything was terrible.

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