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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Sterek, Derek, Laura, Erica, Stiles, Boyd
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,695
Synopsis: In short, everything was terrible.

SUICA 014 )
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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Sterek, Stiles, Derek, Laura, Cora, Scott, Sheriff Stilinski
Rating: T
Word Count: 6,627
Synopsis: The first time Stiles was arrested, it was all a misunderstanding, really.

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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Stiles, Derek, Sterek
Rating: T
Word Count: 630
Synopsis: "I don't understand," Stiles frowned, "I thought werewolves were supposed to be super into bondage and stuff. You're so…vanilla."

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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Finstock, Stiles, gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 478
Synopsis: The path to winning a high school lacrosse game was a long, uphill road, but Finstock was always on the lookout for shortcuts. [add-on to [personal profile] roguemariel's fic No.]

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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Stiles, Derek, Sterek, Scott, Jackson, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, Allison, Lydia
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,893
Synopsis: The pack is throwing some kind of fit, but Stiles is sure it's nothing that can't be fixed with cookies.

SUICA005 )
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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Stiles, Sheriff
Rating: G
Synopsis: Freemonth Challenge Suica 004 Round Robin

Suica 004 )
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Title: You're Doing It Wrong
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Sterek, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey
Prompt: Derek and Stiles are teachers somewhere. Derek is obviously the music teacher, and Stiles is also obviously the gym teacher. Derek likes to tell Stiles he's doing it wrong.


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Title: Teen Go [also available on AO3]
Fandom: Teen Wolf (Hikaru no Go Fusion waaaaaaaai)
Rating: K+
Word Length: 1, 125
Warnings: Lots of stupid.
Summary: Life had been great until Stiles' best friend had been turned into a go prodigy (allegedly, no biting had been involved, but Stiles had filed the whole event under Deeply Suspicious). Now, Scott spent all his time pack-bonding and howling at the full moon... or, you know, whatever it was those go people did. And that was just not okay.

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[Fanfiction Masterlist can be found here.]
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Mostly Masterlist of Fanfiction:

due South:

Fraserisms [Ray Kowalski / Benton Fraser]

élDLIVE / エルドライブ:

The Golden Years Return [Rain Brick, Dr. Love]

Harry Potter:

Absent Memories: [Albus Severus Gen] [Ficlet]

though I could never tell why: [HPDM]
walk, walk fashion, baby: [HPDM] [WIP] [crack]

Hikaru no Go:

Unprepared: [Saeki/Ashiwara]
In Your Own Time: [Saeki/Ashiwara]
Misplay: [Saeki/Ashiwara]
Icing: [Saeki/Ashiwara] [Ficlet]

Kick Start: 1, 2, 3, 4: [Saeki/Ashiwara, Isumi/Waya]

Gossip Queen: [Waya, Saeki/Isumi] [Ficlet]

Nine Simple Rules: [Hikaru-centric gen]
[Too Much] Chocolate: [Shindou Mitsuko-centric gen] [Ficlet]
Take One for the Team: [Ochi-centric gen]
Food Fight: [Kurata, An, Shindou gen] [Drabble]

and so they did: [Hikaru/Akira]
Asked Me on a Voyage to Go: [Hikaru/Akira]
Code Me In: [Hikaru/Akira]

Obsession: [Touya Kouyo/Touya Akiko] [Ficlet]

Playoff: A First-Date Story: [Kaneko/Mitani]

Katekyou Hitman Reborn:

Sanctuary: [Dino/Hibari [D18]] [Ficlet]

In Translation: [Gokudera/Yamamoto [5980]]
Fair as Fair Can Be: [Gokudera/Yamamoto [5980]]

Kingdom Hearts:

ゼクシオンとデミクスの恋物語: 1, 2, 3, 4: [Zexion/Demyx] [日本語で]
How Not to Say No: 1, 2: [Zexion/Demyx] [WIP]
So how about if you and I...?: 1: [Zexion/Demyx] [WIP]
My Rainbow-Coloured Bus: [Zexion/Demyx
Penmanship: [Zexion/Demyx
Pants: [Zexion/Demyx]
Stagnancy: [Zexion/Demyx]

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Aim for Summer: [Stucky]

Star Trek DS9:

Pen Pals: A Progressive Social Experiment: [Garak/Bashir] [WIP]

Teen Wolf:

Teen Go: [Stiles/Derek] [Teen Wolf / Hikaru no Go fusion]
You're Doing It Wrong: [Stiles/Derek]
come in and make yourself a home: [Stiles/Derek preslash] [Ficlet]
Moderate Ado About Absolutely Nothing: [Stiles/Derek]
Was That a No? [Stiles, Finstock gen][Ficlet]
5 Times Derek and Stiles Use Handcuffs and 1 Time the Law Is Involved [Stiles/Derek] [Ficlet]
stalk the clouds in the sky [Stiles/Derek]
so he's got a few flaws [Stiles/Derek]


Inheritance: [Katekyou Hitman Reborn!/Kuroshitsuji:] [Gokudera/Grell] [Ficlet] [crack]

[Drabble] - Indicates that the word count is anywhere from 50-400, give or take

[Ficlet] - Indicates that the word count is anywhere from 400-900, give or take


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